By buying a Cotton made in Africa garment, you can make the world a better place – for example for Mary Mbambu. She is one of 695.000 smallholder farmers who cultivate cotton according to the Cotton made in Africa standard. Mary is a proud mother and cotton farmer from western Uganda: „I‘m proud to be farming cotton and working on the field, together with my husband Baluku Bayeya. We share the tasks. When I‘m not well, Balaku cooks for the kids or attends to other tasks that traditionally rather fall to women. We also talk about how we spend our money. For me, it was for example very important to cultivate food crops, next to cotton, to provide for our family. I could carry the argument home and now we even have a small pantry for our harvest. My big dream was buying a motorcycle. Because unlike other men, my husband lets me pick up the money for our cotton. A motorcycle would make the way much easier. Other women often approach me and ask how I learned so much. Then I tell them that the trainings in mixed training groups help me.“



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